What if I don’t know which therapy is best for me?

It’s okay not to know which type of therapy is the best fit for you. During your initial session, we’ll discuss your goals and plan options for achieving them. Exploring a new approach may be the positive catalyst for shifting you towards your goal of well-being.

How many sessions do I need?

Everyone has unique requirements. The number of sessions needed to reach your goal is determined on a case by case basis. Depending on your starting point and goals, recommendations and periodic reevaluations will be presented to you. Using a combination of therapies may assist you to achieve your goals quicker. One of the main focuses in bodywork and hypnosis is to achieve your health goals and gradually move you into a maintenance phase.

Can I combine hypnosis with bodywork at the same time?

 It is possible to release tension in the body with breathwork and guided imagery while receiving bodywork because you can get in a deep zone of relaxation. Nonetheless, it isn’t recommended to combine bodywork with hypnosis for the purposes of behavior modification and regression therapies. Touch may be a distraction and may bring you up out of the depth of hypnosis required to access your inner wisdom and knowledge.

Can I use bodywork therapies and hypnosis in my overall plan to achieve my health goals?

Definitely yes. Hypnosis and bodywork can be combined in different sessions to speed healing, manage pain, and explore unique solutions to suit your specific needs.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is highly effective, drug-free, pain-free, expedient, and cost-effective. During World War II hypnosis was used to treat battle trauma. It was also accepted by the British Medical Association in 1955 as a valuable medical tool.

However, if you have certain medical problems, are actively abusing drugs or alcohol, or are delusional or hallucinatory, you should seek more appropriate treatment. A doctor’s referral is required for certain medical conditions.

Do I need more than one hypnosis session?   

While wonderful success can be achieved in one appointment, it depends upon your goals. Some goals require more than one area of focus based on the complexity of the issue. It is better to plan for more than one session and not need it than to expect all changes to occur at once.

For example, weight release is a minimum of four sessions, and smoking cessation is two sessions. Behavior modifications like nail-biting, fears and phobias can be significantly reduced in one session.

Are hypnosis sessions recorded?

Basic hypnosis sessions are not recorded. PLR sessions will be recorded for you to review later. You will be sent a copy through a secure electronic file transfer after your session is completed.

Is it possible for a family member or friend to attend my hypnosis session?

It isn’t recommended for anyone to attend during your session as it may take the spontaneity away from your responses and distract you from the deeper levels of relaxation.