About Kindal

Finding breath work, meditation, and the creative flow of poses during yoga classes to be so uplifting and beneficial, I decided to become a yoga instructor in 2006. During my training, I became fascinated with body dynamics and structural alignment. This created a desire to study more about the body. Becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2009, augmented my goal to assist clients and students alike.

Balancing the body through massage and movement, my focus of study has been to create better body alignment and muscle function, which in turn, enhances muscle movement, range of motion, injury recovery, and improved well-being. I have studied many modalities to assist with my mission of helping others to create a better lifestyle by releasing and working through pain and injury.

Realizing an opportunity to assist people in a greater capacity, other than just on a physical level, I trained as a Hypnotherapist in 2011. Because the mind and the body are integral parts of the whole, hypnosis is used to complement bodywork therapies and to promote emotional resiliency.

I have studied yoga, meditation, energy work, dynamic body alignment, lymphatic drainage, myofascial techniques, abdominal therapy, and craniosacral therapy. I continue to study and pursue ways to assist my clients.

Hypnosis can help with that?

Hypnosis works well in releasing habits such as smoking cessation, and nail-biting. It also can assist in improving behaviors such as skill enhancement, coping skills, stress and pain release, plus spiritual exploration, and much more.

As amazing as it may seem, many clients have gained freedom from limiting behaviors and habits in as little as one session. Can you imagine how you would feel if you struggled with a nail-biting habit for over 40 years? A smoking habit since your teens? Or fear of social settings outside your home?

These are just a few of the challenges my clients have been able to overcome, going forward to experience more joy, less stress, and greater self-esteem!

Contact me and we can work together so you can live your best life.

I have a satellite office in Wilmington, NC and I am accepting new clients in Upstate SC by appointment.