I’m Kindal Marshall

Working together, we can establish better communication between you and your body to have more ease in your life, alleviate pain, encourage better body dynamics, and assist you in releasing old behaviors so you feel refreshed, and relaxed.

Hypnosis- improving and changing behaviors for better health,releasing fears, phobias, and pain management.

Past Life Regression and Spiritual Exploration-a deep dive within to learn more about your personal journey in life.

Craniosacral Therapy-harmonizes the nervous system for improved function while enhancing the communication of the nerves to the body through light touch.

Massage and Bodywork- Releases tension, improves relaxation and dynamic muscle balance. Works with posture alignment concerns from sore, injured, or overworked muscles.

Would you like to discover that your future can be a delight, with a clear-minded focus and less pain?

–Maybe you’ll finally breathe freely instead of struggling with embarrassing habits, anxiety, and sweaty palms.

Using various techniques we can create the change you are asking for with gentle, non-invasive sessions specifically designed to meet your needs.

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